Matchday Help

Team Administrators

The website will show published fixtures as they are released. In addition the team administrators will receive an automatic email on Monday/Tuesday evening (Sat/Sun) with your fixtures for next 14 days and the preferred contact details of referee.

You will also receive automatic emails if anything changes with the fixture, ie referee is changed.

All the league request at this point in accordance with league rules is that you input respect, result and referee marks (if you had an allocated official) via your login by 7pm on a Monday, after this time the fixture is locked down and no changes can be made.

Please continue to confirm games with opposition and referees as per usual, if emailing or texting referee please ask for a return email or text for confirmation and send signed match sheet to the appropriate person.

Should your referee be unable to fulfil the fixture please let the league know so another one can be appointed if any are available.

Should the game be cancelled please let the league know asap, then the text message can be cancelled if the website fixture is updated.

If you reverse the fixture and play at the away teams ground and have not let the league know, remember to text the result as the original fixture.

You can if you wish place players statistics on the team page, create match reports, add photos.

The following link is a guide for team administrators.

SMS Messages

The 2 mobile phone numbers that have been registered with each team will receive a text message shortly after the scheduled kick off time with the home and away team.

After the game only 1 text is required from each club with the result in the following format home team first (as on the original text).


If your number is registered for more than one club then you will need to put the team code (which is on the text you receive) on the text message after the result to identify which team you are reporting for.

As long as both results correspond the website and league tables will automatically update. Please send results in by 7pm on Sunday night.

Parents and players

There is a mobile app that can be downloaded from the FA for those that wish to use it.

Download for Android

Download for iOS

There is also a subscription service on the website which will give subscribers notification of changes to website. Be aware that you may get 20 emails in a week and none correspond to your team.